Cope Seminars is a registered sponsor of continuing professional education (CPE) in New Jersey. Our State of New Jersey CPE Sponsor number is CE 2042. Our mission is to educate tax practitioners by delivering high quality seminars that address relevant subjects and current happenings in the tax field. Our topic selection process focuses on tax laws, IRS procedures and recent events in the business environment, to ensure that we offer cutting-edge information to every participant at every program. We offer practical tips to tax professionals and acquaint them with the tools available to them. We also teach participants how to look at a case from all viewpoints, to make sure they are considering all possibilities. We recognize that tax practitioners address a spectrum of issues in their daily work, so we welcome suggestions for relevant subjects and/or instructors for future seminars. To submit your idea, or to be added to our mailing list for upcoming events, email us at We encourage participants to provide comments about our programs, and strive to satisfy your learning needs.